The 'man cave' concept might be a cliche, but it seems for the male of the species, the humble garden shed really is often their best sanctuary - where they head to get away from the chaos, stress and strain of modern life.

But converting that shed from an ordinary DIY space into a truly worthy man cave can take a little imagination. So here are a few ideas to transform your draughty wooden shack into a proper 'manctuary'...

HAVE A CLEAR OUT: Unless you've bought a new shed to be your man cave, you'll need to remove and find a suitable place to store the current contents of the shed. The garage, loft or spare room are probably the best options.

KEEP OUT THE COLD: Insulate the shed walls, and make sure you fill in any cracks - a man cave needs to be warm with no draughts.

LET THERE BE LIGHT: Get an electricity supply fitted - you'll need it for your light and heater, but most importantly, for your TV, computer and kettle.

SET UP THE BOX: Get your cable or satellite TV service extended to cover the shed.

ADD SOME COMFORT: Buy bean bags, a comfy chair or even a little sofa off eBay. Comfort is vital - you could even string up a hammock.

DO SOME DIY: Add bookshelves - you'll need plenty of good books to read as you relax on your man-sofa or hammock.

PRETTIFY YOUR SPACE: Hang some pictures - but before you put the Playboy calendar up, remember your wife may occasionally venture into the shed, unless you keep it locked.

BE PREPARED FOR SNACK ATTACKS: Make sure you've got an airtight biscuit tin in there.

MAKE A GATEWAY FOR GAMES: If you've got enough space, buy a pool table. And if you need an ordinary table too, just add a plank of wood the same size as your pool table top. Take your computer in too, and your favourite video games, of course. And lastly, hang a dartboard on the door, so you can shoot darts from the lawn.

BRING ON THE BEERS: Add a fridge to keep your beer cold, or if that's a little extravagant, a cool box is a cheaper option.

BE SIGNAGE SAVVY: Put a 'Man Cave' sign on the door, so the rest of the family understand this is your territory, and yours alone.

SHARE THE LOVE: Don't just have a man shed, go for a man bar shed, with a simple wooden bar and stools, those pub mirrors and bar games you've been storing in your garage, and all your favourite booze, stacked inside. Or even cut an opening in the side of the shed and add a couple of bar stools outside so your mates can share the joy.