Sandal season is upon us, but before you step out for a summer stroll with the family, why not treat your tootsies to a little TLC?

Podiatrist Dina Gohil reveals some common foot issues and how to deal with them...


These are one of the symptoms of a fungal nail infection, with 1 in 10 people suffering from the condition.

Dina says: "If you suffer from brittle nails, you may also experience nail traumas, which can cause discomfort, and if your nails are not strong, it can be easy for fungal nail to easily set in."

Treatment: If you think you do have a fungal nail infection, try Canespro Fungal Nail Treatment Set (£29.99, Boots) which can remove the infected part of the nail in two to three weeks.


Most women have hard skin and cracked heels, according to research - in fact 71 per cent reported suffering with the condition.

Dina says: "Looking after your feet from an early stage in life will dynamically improve and maintain the health and 'foot age' of your feet. Using moisturisers specifically for feet can help maintain flexibility, reduce discomfort from dry skin, and the amount of hard skin that builds up too."

Treatment: Try using a trusted heel balm, such as Flexitol Heel Balm (£5.49, Lloyds Pharmacy), which hydrates dry, cracked heels and feet, and contains 25 per cent urea - the most effective ingredient in foot cream.


Due to a loss in collagen, the impact of each step can be more intense. Your feet have more than 30 joints which can deteriorate with age, so another cause of foot pain is arthritis.

Dina says: "Footwear is pivotal; wearing shoes that are supportive, comfortable and padded will definitely reduce any pain. Any form of exercise is always seen as good thing, the same applies for your feet. Small exercises for your feet can help strength, mobility and flexibility."

Treatment: Products such as Movelat Relief Gel and Cream (£7.99, Boots) are effective for local relief of pain and inflammation caused by mild arthritic conditions, stiffness, sprains and muscular pains.


Dina says: "Brittle nails can be due to hormonal changes as well as diet, or other underlying medical conditions. Using almond or tea tree oil is a great way to replenish the nails. Making sure you are eating well-balanced meals is also important."

Treatment: Try Holland & Barrett Skin Hair & Nails Formula Caplets (£16.74 - currently reduced from £33.49 - 240 caplets), which help maintain healthy nails and support the vital nutrients required as part of a balanced diet.

Some further tips from podiatrist Justine Parsons:

Q. Is it better for my feet to wear high heeled sandals or flip-flops during the summer months?

A. In an ideal world neither of these are the best foot wear... heels push your weight onto your forefoot, this can cause callus to form and a burning feeling.  Flip flops cause your toes retract to hold the flip flop on which can lead to the toes retracting. 

A flat, soft soled sandal that is held onto your foot front and back is the best way to keep your feet comfortable and fresh this this summer.

Q. Are there any good antiperspirants for feet?

A. Anti-perspirants are not advisable, this is a product that encourages you not to perspire... your feet sweat up to half a pint of moisture a day, part of the way your body naturally cools itself. It's best to have good foot hygiene,  wear cotton rich socks and change them daily, wash your feet and dry them well to discourage fungal infections to thrive. I recommend a drop of Tea Tree oil in a good footcare cream, as well as smelling fresh it has all sorts of beneficial qualities, anti-fungal, anti-viral, the list goes on...

Q. What can I do to soothe hot and aching feet in the heat?

A. Take a weight off, kick off your shoes and elevate your legs and feet... this helps your heart to pump the blood round your body easier, therefore reducing swelling and cooling your aching feet.

Justine Parsons

Hcpc Reg Podiatrist

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